Murludi Dried Fruit

Tree ripened, carefully picked, hand cut and sun dried.

It’s a picky process

Murludi Dried Fruit is a range of irresistible dried fruit made on the farm Murludi in the Tulbagh valley. Our top quality dried fruit is a primary activity of the farming operation and distributed locally. Specific cultivars are used to produce only the best dried fruit.

The produce used for drying is picked fully tree-ripened, for optimal sweetness and flavour. Once picked, the fruit is taken to the farm’s drying facility, where it is cut by hand and placed on large wooden drying trays.

After treatment with sulphur dioxide (to prevent microbiological spoilage and discoloration during the drying process and to help it retain the bright natural yellow and orange colours), the drying trays are laid out in the sun for anything from two days to two weeks to dry.

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Farm Experience

Murludi is a working farm producing stone and pome fruit. Guests who want to take a closer look at the drying activities during harvest season from December to March, will be accommodated when possible.

Please note that this a working farm and it is a condition of entry that all persons enter and use the premises at their own risk, and that the owners, management and their employees and agents will not be liable for injury or damage of any nature whatsoever, which is suffered by any person who enters the premises or uses the amenities provided.

Our Selection of Dried Fruit

If you would like to place an order, contact us on 063 725 5850 or email us on

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